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Akashi 5 Year Old Sherry Cask Founded in 1888 at the beaches of the Seto Inland Sea withinside the metropolis of Akashi, the Eigashi- ma Distillery is owned through the Eigashima Company, one of the oldest sake producers (1679). In 1919, Eigashima changed into the primary Japa– nese distillery to be certified to provide whis- key. Whiskey intake changed into absolutely neighborhood till 1984. Built at the Scottish model, the distillery has been making state-of-the-art whiskeys in small batches for extra than 30 years. Besides whiskeys, Eigashima is likewise recognised for generating numerous kinds of liqueu- rs which include sake and shochu. The employer has even commenced developing vines and making its personal wine.

Barrel growing older in general First I’d want to speedy have a take a observe barrel growing older in general. Maturing in a cask has 4 principal consequences on wines or spirits:

• Additive consequences of the oak: the liquid extracts additives from the oak, volatile aroma compounds like aldehydes, lipids, tannins, lactones…

• Subtractive impact of the oak: the charred layer at the inner works as a form of carbon clear out out and absorbs compounds from the liquid

• Interactive consequences: the all rightinhibits cross-reactions among materials withinside the liquid and the wooden, growing new compounds

• Oxidation: the truth that wooden isn’t hermetic we could the liquid breathe and the oxygen touch ends in evaporation and oxidation whisky maturation is a mixture of all 4 processes, however as we’ll discover sherry maturation has special requirements. This way each industries select special kinds of casks.

Technical information

5  years in Barrica de Jerez. Neither coloured nor bloodless filtered.


  • NOSE  Intense – Fruits, vanilla.
  • MOUTH Silky and wealthy – Nuts, almond.
  • FINAL Delicate and persistent – Fruits, white flowers.
  • 50º/50cl

With Akashi 5 Year Old Sherry Cask, the small distillery White Oak gives a restrained bottling elderly solely in barrels that contained Sherry wine. This Japanese whisky, with out color nor bloodless filtration, gives effective and exquisite fruity notes delivered through the Sherry maturation: dried culmination, prunes, purple culmination. Perfect for an authentic tasting, Akashi 5 Year Old Sherry Cask is extreme and wealthy with a sensitive mouth.

  • Colour: brown amber.
  • Nose: extreme with fruity and vanilla notes. There are aromas of prunes, dried culmination and almonds.
  • Palate: it confirms the primary method and powerfully expresses residual flavours of Sherry with common notes of dried fruit and almond.
  • Final: we end in delicacy with a very last all subtleties that percentage the flavours of culmination and white flowers.

This bottling is absolutely inline with the culture of this small own circle of relatives craft distillery considering that this Akashi 5 Year Old Sherry Cask comes from a unmarried barrel, the n°61071. Fruit of a five years getting old in Sherry cask, this whisky develops an extreme fruity nostril with notes of vanilla, a silky mouth with almonds and dried culmination notes, common of Sherry, and a sensitive end with diffused notes of white flowers.

Non-coloured, non-chill-filtered and with an alcohol quantity of 50%, this amazing whisky keeps all its fragrant richness to explicit itself neat or gently diluted with few drops of water.

A Japanese Whisky with a extreme Sherry finishing. Japan is a mystical land, blanketed through the ocean, a ways farfar from the whole lot we recognise or even understand. Solitude way purity. The purity of water, earth, and sky. Solitude additionally way purity of Spirit. Eigashima Distillery, placed withinside the metropolis of Akashi, only a stone’s throw farfar from Kobe Bay, is molded through those elements. Here, more than one ft from the ocean, the owner’s own circle of relatives were making Spirits for centuries. Eigashima Shuzo additionally holds Japan’s first Whisky license, issued all of the manner returned in 1919, however to at the moment stays one of the country’s smallest Whisky producers. Quality over amount is the motto. This is wherein we talk the identical language.

Old-fashion vs. New-fashion sherry casks?

Whisky enthusiasts now and again say that sherry casks have been in reality higher withinside the vintage days. It is true that the manufacturing of sherry casks has been evolving, with large scale, nearly industrial manufacturing and a extra ‘scientific’ method, however I’m now no longer certain matters are all that special. After all, you can argue that contemporary-day pro casks and the vintage shipping casks have been pro in a comparable manner: each are particularly younger and each contained sherry for some months earlier than the whisky is going in. There is one principal distinction aleven though that I locate quite vital: withinside the vintage days shipping casks have been fed with mature sherry that changed into prepared for bottling. Nowadays that is often now no longer true… I were thinking approximately the sherry that changed into used for seasoning for an extended time. Whisky distilleries are usually regarding existing, commercially to be had sherries, now and again highly elderly and instead costly sherries. This fashion has end up extra vital as distilleries are regularly citing the call of the bodega that organized the casks for them, as a signal of quality. On the opposite hand I already found out that properly-elderly sherry is regularly too costly to make sense. Filling a butt with 500 litres of vintage Oloroso (even in case you re-use it some times) isn’t profitable.

Review : Akashi 5 Year Old Sherry Cask Whisky

As an awful lot of the sector stays below lock down with COVID19 looming each throughout and inside borders, an unsaid worry surrounds us from the enigma the virus breeds. While social distancing and the ban on non-crucial tour and social gatherings are the brand new norm, I notion it might be nice we keep maintaining ourselves engaged all through this time of issue and wonderful sorrow; now no longer to say to boost ourselves with the little joys in life. With that during mind, I notion it nice to select out up my Glencairn and muster on with but any other review – The Akashi Red!

The Akashi Red changed into some thing I picked up some years returned whilst the thrill changed into all matters East and Oriental. The bottle displays a humble and right all the way down to earth persona, but supplying adequate info throughout the labeling that hugs this half-litre bottle. The expression isn’t from the large, extra famous Suntory, Yoichi or Chichibu distilleries however from a particularly smaller setting, the Eigamshima Distillery. The Akashi 5 Year Old Sherry Cask is in truth the most effective whisky this is made through a Toji, a grand-grasp withinside the artwork of creating Sake. Only a small spectrum of the distillery’s produce debts for whisky, the bulk being Sake (of course) and Shochu, a drink crafted from potatoes, barley or rice. The distillery did obtain its license to provide whisky at round 1919, however commenced generating important circulate blends most effective through the 1980s. However because of excessive liqour taxes on the time, they restrained their manufacturing to most effective a month in a yr. By the early 2000s, the distillery additionally commenced to encompass Single Malt whiskies in its repertoire and this changed into a time whilst Japanese whisky changed into being properly obtained globally, that means the distillery needed to step up its manufacturing to maintain with the demand.

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